Over the years, many pioneers have set out with great Manifestos. Here’a list of a few of the most [tag]interesting and famous Manifestos[/tag] in recent history.

You may or may not agree with them, you may not even like them, but their power cannot be denied.

+ [tag]Russell Einstein Manifesto[/tag]
A great Manifesto which asked world leaders to consider other alternatives before nuclear weapons when dealing with world conflicts. “Think before you shoot” is a great way to sum up this thoughtful and timely declaration by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein.

+ [tag]John F. Kennedy’s Manifesto[/tag]
JFK’s manifesto from 1961. His manifesto of, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” You can listen to his original address at the link above.

+ [tag]Julia Butterfly Hill’s Manifesto[/tag]
One of our personal favorites. Julia saved the life of a nearly 1000 year old Redwood in defense of the forest near the Mattole river on the coast of northern california.  Julia is an inspiration to activists and pioneers everywhere. Her work in the environmental movement is a high point for many advocates of direct-action and civil disobedience.

+ [tag]John Lennon’s Manifesto[/tag]
Controversial, and generally misunderstood, John Lennon’s work towards international peace still rings in the worldwide collective consciousness.

+ [tag]The Communist Manifesto[/tag]
Not nearly as dark as many would have you believe, this Manifesto was an important moment in history. Widely respected as one of the most prolific and controversial manifestos ever written.

+ [tag]The Student Democratic Society’s ‘Port Huron Statement’[/tag]
Written in 1962, the Port Huron Statement is often credited as an essential building block of 1960′s counterculture.

+ [tag]Banksy’s Manifesto[/tag]
One of my favorite non-literal manifestoes. Read it. Some Manifestos, like Banksy’s seem almost like an accident.

+ [tag]The Futurist Manifesto[/tag]
The Manifesto of the Italian poet [tag]F.T. Marinetti[/tag], published in 1909. This manifesto launched an artistic movement which battled against the laissez faire nature of Italian literature and society at the time. The futurist manifesto is regarded as one of the most relevant avante-garde writings.

+ [tag]The Surrealist Manifesto[/tag]
Conceived by french writer [tag]André Breton[/tag] in 1924, the surrealist manifesto helped to lead a movement as well. Surrealism is/was a nonconformist methodology which aimed to create art from the wells of the unconscious mind.

+ [tag]Shepard Fairey’s Manifesto[/tag]
Manifesto of artist / pop culture guru Shepard Fairey. This Manifesto includes all the best elements of a modern manifesto. It challenges the audience while making them question the entire point of the experiment in the first place. Let’s face it, Shepard Fairey could easily be your ‘dad.’

That’s our list of [tag]great manifestos[/tag]. This list will grow as we add many more manifestos, including those of our readers. What’s yours? Tell us.