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June – 2007 – Manifesto Television
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Manifesto in DogtownWe’re going to catch some flack for this one. Especially because our [tag]producers[/tag] have a meeting with a big company doing webisode only series next month. Sometimes they license shows to [tag]network tv[/tag] too, so there is hope beyond the web for that potential deal.

Here it is. [tag]Internet television[/tag] from the small business end of things is not [tag]profitable[/tag]. For the producer it’s not even sustainable. I said it.

Is it the future? Of course it is. But right now, as an [tag]independent producer[/tag] or company, there is no way one can afford the [tag]bandwidth[/tag] necessary to stream their films online. A P2P video application is necessary to even approach profitability. Even though the cost of production is going down for [tag]filmmakers[/tag], it still costs a chunk of money to create good content.

Can you go [tag]Revver[/tag] or [tag]Brightcove[/tag]? Sure you can. Maybe you can make a little money. But hardly enough to shoot your next film, that is unless you are getting millions of views.

You could even embed videos which are served from [tag]Youtube, [/tag][tag]Myspace[/tag], or [tag]Google[/tag] into your site. But you won’t see ad revenue from the streams. You’ll see it from your [tag]pageviews[/tag]/clickthroughs if you are savvy. I’m not even going to discuss how terrible the [tag]video encoding[/tag] is on these sites.

I don’t desire to disrespect all of the hard working [tag]internet tv startups[/tag] out there because I want to encourage the growing voices making films. However, I also think it’s important that independent producers realize that internet television is young. Right now, although it seems to be in the hands of the people, it’s really in the hands of the [tag]conglorporations[/tag]. Which is nothing new. Something like five companies own the means of broadcast distribution. Why should [tag]the web[/tag] be much different?

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Today we sat down with our editor and saw the first two segments of Brian’s [tag]Manifesto.[/tag] They look really good. We have a third segment to cut of him and then two additional segments for Cheri. I can’t explain the feeling I have watching these rough cuts – creating a tv show from scratch is [...]

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So I think we’ve mentioned we’re creating a [tag]feature length[/tag] doc about our show. A behind-the-scenes [tag]documentary[/tag]. The manifesto of [tag]MANIFESTO[/tag], which is currently titled, [tag]MANIFESTO: TELEVISION[/tag]. Since we’re [tag]editing[/tag] now, in the following days and weeks, we’re going to put up teaser [tag]videos[/tag] about the making of the show so everyone can see just [...]

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Our producer had a run in with an old acquaintance over the weekend. This huge TV production company has been talking to us for almost a year. Looks like MANIFESTO is still sitting on their desks. But that’s the problem. It’s sitting on their desks. They haven’t signed a deal with us or taken it [...]

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